Risk Management Certification

Through Certification, FERMA will set a standard in Risk Management and evaluate candidates according to a Body of Knowledge, Experience, Continuous Professional Development and Code of Ethics


International recognition


Career development opportunity

process used to verify that individual candidates have adequate credentials to practice the risk management discipline. Two levels are set: the rimap Certification Level that demonstrates basic knowledge and experience, and the rimap Advanced Certification Level that demonstrates high level knowledge and experience.

Who can apply for Certification?
Risk & Insurance Managers, Risk Managers, Insurance Managers, and other risk professionals

process used to acknowledge that an education body’s programme meets the minimum Risk Management education requirements set by FERMA.

Who can apply for Accreditation?
Universities and higher schools of education and other bodies offering specific risk education

process used to acknowledge that an event’s programme meets the minimum Risk Management education requirements set by FERMA to provide continuous professional development.

Who can apply for CPD Licensing?
Entities including FERMA member associations organising events in Risk Management, e.g. seminars, workshops, conferences, courses, roundtables…

5 steps to Certification

  • 1.

    Read our Body of Knowledge to assess what the rimap Certification is about

  • 2.

    Gather your CV & highest education degree, and apply online

  • 3.

    Take a 3h online exam anywhere & any time

  • 4.

    Receive your rimap Certification if you are successful!

  • 5.

    Maintain your rimap Certification annually through Continuous Professional Development points

  • “Evidence suggests that in this complex and ever faster moving world, the profile of risk management is set to increase, and with this the profile of risk managers. A certification that you can hold up as a recognised credential can only help your cause.”

    FERMA Certification Steering Committee:

    • Johan Willaert, FERMA President
    • Michel Dennery, FERMA Certification Steering Committee Chairman
    • Julia Graham, FERMA Certification Steering Committee member
    • Isabel Martinez, FERMA Certification Steering Committee member
    • Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO